Saturday, October 6, 2012

CG forum hunter

Let me tell you what! Besides polycount there is few other cg forums I frequent. But one that The one that I do go to a lot is cghub.
CGhub is one website is a great resource. Everything from posted job to inspiration art work on the front page, this site has so much to offer.
But to be honest I have not used their forum at all, I have looked through their forums but I have never and I can't see myself ever posting on their forums.
With all the professional and good looking work on their front page, the forum seems to be confusing and for the most part filled with poorer quality artwork then the front page. An aspect of this site that I will be using will be their "portfolio". You can upload your images, and even upload a banner image and use it as a portfolio if you do not/can not make your own. Or if you are like me and are cheap, and refuse to spend the money on a domain name it is a nice free option to host and promote your artwork. Likewise the professional appearance and since the making of  the site is already finished you can better focus on making better art and not a better website.
This is of course if you do not mind having a .cghub after your website name.
Mine is, but I have as of yet put any of my art work on the website.
As soon as I finish my assassin character I am working on I'll upload it and some other things I am working on at work (as soon as they are released and I can talk about them  that is).

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  1. Wow I forgot about that CGHub has a lot of great work there that tends to be intimidating. I can't wait till I get something I feel can stand along side the art there.