Sunday, October 7, 2012

Reaching out

So as per instruction, I posted something in a 3d forum community that needed critique.
My website.
I posted this on polycount and asked people to critique it and my art on the site. So far here are the responses along with my response.

Hello everyone,
I put together a blog a while a few months ago to replace my website, and I never threw it up here to get critiques and feedback. I guess it just slipped my mind.

So please if you can critique the lay out, the format, color, artwork. Anything that can and will make my site/art work better would be much appreciated.
I asked some of the people I worked with and I got their feed back now I'd like to get some greentooth feedback!

Thanks in advance

Good name haha ;)

New site looks good. Layout/visuals look good, I'd probably darken the background just a bit more so theres more contrast with the content, and you could put a faint image background in the header/title section.

You've worked on some awesome titles! and this is what the viewer should see first.
Make your 'professional 3d art work' page your homepage.

Just my opinions, hope it helps!


Good thing I read danpaz3d's post, because otherwise I would have missed your 'professional work' section. HELLLLLLL YES that should be the opening page. People may not care enough to look at more than a couple images on your site, so those first couple images need to be the best images you have. Right now, that's your professional work (and the first model from your personal work).

As for your personal work, you have a pretty steep curve in quality. Your most recent model looks really good. 3 models down, and it's a noticeable drop in quality. Only thing I can say is, try to pump out some stuff to better reflect where you are currently. It looks (from your professional work section) like you have a good bit of sculpting experience. I suggest you dedicate an hour or so every day to making something in zbrush. Even if you never take it to a finished state, it's an easy and quick way of making something that looks good and reflects one of your best talents.

Thank you both for the responses! I'll try to figure out how to move the professional work to the main page and the personal work to the second tab.

Also I never though about darkening the background of the images, I though it was causing to much of a contrast and would be hurtful to the viewer's eyes. Well your suggestion makes more sense.

I do sculpt almost everyday, but most of the time it is not worth of showing even on our speed modeling thread. But once I get something good enough to replace that last image the rogue in my personal page then I'll get it off of my site.
Because people don't remember you for your best image but your worst.

This is what so far has been said, if you would like to go to the thread and view if anyone else has said anything here is the link.

Now I have to figure out how to change my website, because the critiques make a lot of sense.

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