Sunday, September 16, 2012

One snobby critic

They say that you are your own worst critic. Well if that is true, why is there always someone who dislikes something that you did that you liked.
Maybe that term does not work in the context that I wish to speak...
I will be trying to a short critique on some of my newer and older works. The critiquing part will not be hard it will be the making it short for each piece will be challenging.
 This half head sculpt of a little girl is competently done, yet the smaller detail forms are missing in many areas. Such at as the eye brows and hair.
 This half head sculpt of a baby is well done, yet once again there is no secondary forms in the hair on the infant's head.
 This half head sculpt is in fact missing all secondary hair forms in the head. It apears that the top of the head is lumpy instead of looking like its hair. Likewise the forms under the eyes are to pronounced for a child and should have been made less exaggerated.
 This head sculpt is my latest and in my opinion the best I have done as of yet, but still has some failing aspects about it. The hair (that was suppose to resemble the old roman marble sculptures) does not match the rest of the detail on the head. Or to better put it, the minor pore detail and detail of the stubble and hair detail in the eyebrows does not match the hair on his head which has no detail at all.
 This model is a work in progress. As it is a WIP I'll only be able to critique what I have here and not what it will be. The proportions look about right but the armor is too generic and has nothing to make this look unique. The clothing, pants shirt and body all need to have their sub division pushed to a higher level to put more information on them. Left arm shirt folds do not work.
 This was a practice in hand painted textures to resemble world of warcraft's style. While not achieving the actual look of it the textures cam out looking well. The main failing point in this piece is the pose of the character.
 This break down sheet had devoted a lot of space to the texture and less to the wired view of the model.
 Arguably one of my weakest to date that I have on my portfolio. The torso and head are quite interesting yet the arms of the creature are lacking in any real detail or interest in them at all.
 This break down sheet has the same fall backs as the prior one has, large area devoted to the three maps, yet still not being able to see the maps clearly; along with very tiny and  over lapping wired and colored views on the model.
 This concept art of the above monster is more interesting then the actual model. The arms have form with the ridges running down each one and the elephant trunk like ending on each arm. The main failing on this concept art piece is the fact that it is only line art and no value or dept at all.
 This concept art is of the above WIP model. This concept piece look off center and off balanced. Adding something that the model would stand on would make it feel to have more weight and less of a floating feeling to it.
 This is one of my oldest pieces I have on my portfolio. The lack in contrast in the texture, and the lack of variety of color in the color palate. Along with the lack of a good specular map for the metal on the character makes this the weakest piece in my portfolio in my opinion.
 This concept art once again fails due to the lack of shadow and value in the drawing. Grounding the character on a surface would have been smart as well.
 This concept art developed as a character front and side orthographic views does not seem to work all that well. Since the character from the front and from the side seem to be two different characters all together and not the same one.
 This zbrush model of burnt soldier I did for resistance burning skies seems good enough. But the presentation of the model is quite low. The materials could have at least been the same color, and the screen capture should have been done at best render mode.
 This is the in game model of the same burned solder from resistance burning skies. The back ground of the image and the textures of the model make it quite hard to see what the texture looks like on the model. Like wise no textures are shown.
 This is the infected scientist I modeled for Resistance burning skies. The main failing point on this model was the hair, it looks lumpy and did not look like hair but more like clay on his head. Also no texture of the head is shown.
 This model is of Rachel for resistance burning skies. Her hair was not nearly sculpted enough and the strokes made in zbrush are apparent and should have been blended more. Also no texture of the head is shown.
This is the model of Bill Amherst I did for resistance burning skies. This model looks good but the bags under his eyes are to exaggerated, and the repeating form does not look natural. Also no texture of the head is shown.


  1. The heads:
    I mean besides some detail here and there they look great. I would like to see a higher quality photo to see more of the details but other than that I think they're great.

    WIP character:
    I think it looks good it still need some polish I think that you can make this work you have a good base here.

    WOW character:
    You're right the pose is not that great but the model is good.
    Long arms:
    Yes this is a simple character remind me of one of the characters in League of Legends. But your right umm I can’t
    Concept art long arms:
    You are right it need some refining to make the character better.

    Concept WIP:
    I think it’s a good concept I don’t see anything that cries out change me. He may be tilting a little but other than that looks good. I wouldn’t mind seeing to other elements that can make look like a completed concept. name of character title of the game.

    Sword lizard:
    I think you're right about the textures but I think this is an interesting character it just needs to be tweek a bit to give it more of a polished look.

    Sword lizard concept:
    I think this is a nice piece the boots can use some detailing. Some shading can be added like you said. But once again a good starting point that can be polished.

    Robot guy:
    Yeah this guy can use some changes very inconsistent.

    Burned Soldier:
    Once again you're right some contrast on the image so that the character can stand out a bit also to see the details abit more.

    Infected Chimera Scientist:
    you already pointed out the hair. I think details are just a little soft, I want to see the sharpness of the flesh and the fat of the face sucked out to show more of the skeleton.

    Yes the detail of the hair is not there yet I would like to see that eyes like they where on your other head models.

    Bill Amherst:
    Nothing much to add the lip color can be changed a bit also the neck can have a bit more detail, neck wrinkles the details there are soft.

  2. Daniel Driussi

    Little Girl
    Other then the points you stated, I would look at the hair, going in with maybe the finiest brush and getting some wisps of hair to make it stand out. And are there ears there? It seems on the right side, there was a half attempt? Seeing her left side and no ear just really stands out in the wrong way.

    Baby face
    The ears stand out to far, they seem like ears coming from someone a bit older. Hair, eyes, the finer details that would make it stand out.

    Little Boy
    I think it is the lighting on this one that throws me off, but maybe he should have some teeth? Of course this is for the finer details, which you stated are lacking, but make no mention of, so just pointing that out. The nose/eye form is a bit developed for someone so young to.

    San Diego
    Your point on the hair is spot on, I do like the curvature of the nose you have going. I think I would maybe give the back of the next more of a curve going into the shirt, a concave look instead of a convex.

    The Leg armor goes down to far onto this boots, which would give a very limited range of mobility, maybe if you angle the back of the bracers it would help show that he would be able to run without hitting his foot. I do think your armor looks good, mostly because the textures would make this really stand out.

    I feel that the proportions are off on this one, from his feet to his arms. I understand you were aiming for that WoW style, and I'm sure you played a rogue in Vanilla wow no?

    The blob?
    Though you state the arms lack detail, I just think it's the texture, I think if you added cracks/fizzures, maybe some glow effect? Or something else, I think you would do well even on the head with the same. This model could be much more.

    Lizard sword Man
    Even though you say it's one of your weakest, I think it shows the textures really well, you have a very wide range here, and it's a good base, I think if you went back and pushed them a bit more, adding in a reflection to his skin, to make him seem wet. Kind of like how a lizard/snake is.

    For your Resistance Burning Skies work these works show your developed skill, the hair in any scultping program is always a hard one to do, but if it's what you are working in, maybe find a way to make it stand out. Your burned corpse is pretty good for model, texture seems like it could use more of a burned flesh look, some heavy melting/burning crisp of the skin.

    And the final head feels like on the side profile that the cheeks are a bit to much, where his chin comes in, instead of having a strong jaw. It gives the feeling the guy has chubby cheeks.